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>> reported a ceasefire but israel says there is no deal. but the democratic republic go cargo will remain in control of goma. clucks in
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>> order coming in of a ceasefire. hamas officials are saying a deal has been reached. >> israel and indeed to say the talks are ongoing. benjamin netanyahu has put in a call saying it's time to choose between peace and the sword. >> they are awaiting confirmation of a truce as they continue strikes ... and they continue rocket attacks. >> ceasefire talks at a crucial stage as negotiators continue to shuttle between israel and gaza. a delegation of arab league 04 ministers and other turkish counterparts meeting with hamas earlier in gaza. it's unclear if the visit was aimed of brokering a ceasefire or whether was a show of solidarity with hamas.
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egypt is at the center of international efforts to mediate a truce between israel and hamas. u.s. secretary general ban ki moon is lending his support. >> my message is clear. all sides must avoid fire. further escalating the situation will put the entire region at risk. >> our leaders, he traveled to jerusalem with talks -- to talk with benjamin netanyahu. he condemned the attacks and the loss of civilian lives in gaza. netanyahu reiterated that they would be willing to are dissipate in a ceasefire but only if hamas immediately sees as the rocket attacks. >> the long-term solution to be put in place through diplomatic means and israel then would be a
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willing partner to such a solution, but if kroger military action through the necessary to stop the constant barrage of rockets, israel will not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend our people. >> there are signs that diplomatic efforts may be bearing fruit and mediators iran optimistic that a deal can be made to avert an israeli ground offensive. >> -- mediator's remained optimistic. >> what is the reaction to reports of a ceasefire? >> people don't really believe it yet. people here are very cautious at the moment because the information is still unclear. we have announced they expect the ceasefire to be reached within a few hours, but israel would not confirm. conditions have not been met. in gaza, people are not taking a
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chance. they are staying at home. everyone is really bracing to see if the ceasefire will be happening. >> has the violence evaded all? what is going on in gaza right now? >> at least eight rockets have shaken the air and there is action by the israeli action right now. besides talks of the ceasefire, the northern and eastern parts of thousand today have become very nervous. they are nervous about what is to come. if there is a ceasefire, the impressions is that the fight will really go on until agreement is reached. >> tonya cranmer, thank you for that report. >> we're now joined by one of our middle east analysts.
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thank you for joining us. we hear that it is quite hectic in the background. over 100 people dead, 1000 injured. if anyone has gained from this conflict, who? >> its a justified question. the clear winner of this battle is the islamist movement hamas. they have been up rooted critically. in the eyes of the west they are a terrorist organization but this is not the view shared by as long as the leaders. they are a close ally of the egyptians and all the islamic countries in the neighborhood where fundamentalist governments have come into power. we have seen an upgrading of hamas and the egyptian position. the clear loser is really the israeli government because netanyahu has not gotten anything. he meant for this war to be a test for a strike against iran later next year.
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if that is truly the case, it is really a disaster politically speaking for the israeli leadership. they have not really gained anything and support for israel is dwindling, even in germany. >> what has this revealed about the capabilities of the palestinians and their political unity? >> unity is difficult to achieve in this region. you have two separate entities, the gaza strip controled by hamas and the west bank which is controlled by the more moderate wing of the palestinians. it is almost impossible to travel from gaza to the west bank or vice versa. it is difficult to achieve palestinian unity and ideologically, they are at a difference. even on the west bank were the have been stronger than hamas, there is a reverse. hamas is getting stronger there
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by the day. from that point of view, the israelis have not gained politically is of the are faced in really complex situations. they are the strongest power in the region, but they're getting weaker and weaker having so many people who are on friendly, mainly the german the of the americans. >> briefly, the egyptians president has played a key role in trying to establish. how has he fired? >> very well, surprisingly. they have so far withheld credits, over $5 billion, and they have now provided money to the egyptian government for their successful mediating. >> thank you very much. our cairo correspondent joins us on . we have conflicting reports. hamas as a truce has been negotiated. israel says not yet. what's going on?
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>> it is very unclear. this afternoon, they said the ceasefire was going to be tonight and then hamas in cairo says there is supposed to be a press conference right now as we speak. and, soon after, they say that there might be a ceasefire agreement, but they are not sure. we know that, as we speak, they're surrounded by artillery so there's no sound on the ground. >> it is not necessarily close. of their close to reaching a deal, what will be the terms? >> there are four 0.7. the first is that israel promises they will stop the killing of hamas officials. the second is hamas, their
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point, they will not fire rockets and more into israel. then as some kind of the easing of gaza. it has not really been decided on that point. and egypt wants to be a part of the agreement. >> . for the update. >> turkey says there close to formally asking nato for patriot misfiles to strengthen the anti- aircraft offensive alder border with syria. >> the foreign minister has talked with nato on the issue and they are in the final stages. there are likely to come from germany, one of the only three nato countries the patriot missiles in their arsenal. they have signaled that they would agree to the request. >> the french government has given assurances that the nation's economy is sound after u.s. credit rating agency moody's stripped them of their
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prize the a.a.a. status. this follows the cut by standard and poor's and it was expected. >> hollande is trying to revive the eurozone the second-largest economy. moody's had nothing good to say about france's economic prospects. they say the country has become less competitive and its labor market has turned staid. they say this makes them more bolt -- vulnerable to turbulence elsewhere in the eurozone. the french finance minister moscovici rejected the you downgrade. >> this does not put into question the fundamentals of our economy or reforms undertaken hat by the government. it does not? creditworthiness. >> he blames the previous french government for failing to balance the budget. nonetheless, he says the downgrade is exaggerated. private u.s. rating agencies
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like moody's are subject to much flak in europe. critics say they gave ailing wrote u.s. banks operating as in 2008. many want the establishment of an independent rating agency instead. >> the european markets take the downgrade in stride. we have this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> brands getting another blow by u.s. rating agencies, but it did not have a strong effect on the markets because traders already expected such a step. therefore, traders do not fear that france will have to face much higher borrowing costs. the yield rose only moderately. they could wipe out the first losses and could move forward. again and, the very successful spanish bond option meaning they could collect more money than
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expected. -- the bond auction could collect more money. >> closing at 2172 on the dax. 2509. >> debating next year's oppositions and the government has failed to hold the line on the present spending. >> in spite of record tax returns and cash from private companies, the treasury is still spending what it does not have. >> the finance minister is confident about germany's finances. he says they're cutting their that, he says, sends out a positive message to the rest of europe. >> i do not want to say we are a model people, but we're doing the utmost to live up to our responsibility. we have been very successful.
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>> the german draft project next year could spend 370 billion euro. the biggest chunk, one under 19 billion euro, would go to financing will bear and social security. the german government is putting aside 37 billion euro to cut the national debt. defense will be the third largest recipient. the german opposition and parties are not impressed. they said they should have prevented a budget that did not put them further into the red. >> you have failed in your task. instead of giving lectures in europe, and should have done your job in germany and brought the debt down to zero. you failed. >> the opposition's is taking on fresh a debt is risky with the eurozone in the middle of a crisis. german lawmakers will again be turning our attention to the crisis later this week when they will debate sending more money.
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>> in soccer, the chair believes game including beirut- munich. -- bayern - munich. >> and one player is getting a lot of attention. >> they paid 40 million euro for him, the most in the history of the league. they now expect him to perform. he knows it will be a tough match. >> i know valencias going to be on the attack. the fans are here right behind your team. it's not going to be easy -- that's for sure. >> valencia also has a player with a good feel for his opponents. bell does has played for dortmund and he knows german football inside out. >> bayern munich has gone through tough a phase.
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they're released from this season and. but you can dance in champions league. they are well ahead in bundesleague as well. >> tonight's winner will have the best chance of reasoning -- -- the final 16 in the champions league.
2:46 pm >> the m23 rebel group in the democratic republic of congo has advanced into the city of goma. >> the u.s. has polled the rest of the staff from the city saved they control the airport in the city and peacekeepers would remain to protect civilians. >> u.s. troops on the ground have been supporting the government forces. >> neighboring rwanda is expected -- suspected of supporting the rebels but panic is spreading with many fearing an escalation into war. >> the battle was over. after days of clashes with government soldiers, hundreds of
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rebel fighters marched on the second-largest city meeting next to no resistance. the residents are angry. >> we feel abandoned by the government. >> we don't know what to do. >> the united nations peacekeepers are completely useless. they stood there and watched the rebels take over without putting up any resistance. >> we feel absolutely cheated. >> the remaining u.n. forces meant to protect the civilian population of from reprisal. most other european personnel have already left. they're fleeing and the fighting in the thousands. many have gone east crossing the border into neighboring rwanda. the u.n. and because of the government say rwanda is supporting the rebels. the president is reportedly
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traveling to you ... for preventing tensions and all-out war. >> for more, we are joined by our correspondent in rwanda. what is the situation right there on the border? >> in goma, it remains, because the fighting is over at least for the moment. it is quiet in the city. there was heavy fighting for three days. many slept under their beds for three nights and explosions occurred just 50 meters away from some homes. they are looking poor to some quiet and peace. and the other side of the border, in rwanda, the refugees are coming in the thousands.
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>> the u.s. as the peacekeepers will remain to protect civilians. is the u.s. capable of doing it? >> that is a? for sure. the control of the airport routes to be confirmed for the people in goma. the question is not about the airport. the question is what the u.n. and can do now. there are about 1500 peacekeepers here. i think this will continue. they are not trying to defend goma. in the days before, they could not stop them. now they are on the base and they are just here to protect the civilians.
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it really cannot make a big difference. >> from rwanda, thank you. eurozone finance ministers are holding a key meeting in brussels to decide whether greece should get the next tranche of bailout money. athens needs the money to avoid going bankrupt within days. >> lagarde disagrees about the best way to help greece get their national debt down to a sustainable level. and looks like another top the negotiations in brussels. >> eurozone finance ministers and the chief of the imf did not entirely cia wide. lagarde is opposed to the idea of giving athens two warriors together better control -- to get their debt under control. >> it would be optimistic to
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expect the next steps to be shrouded in college, but there's no doubt that greece has delivered. we still need to agree on some details, but i think there's a good chance we will reach agreement this evening. of course, it cannot be 100% sure. >> there were also disagreements among all the rows of finance ministers, especially about an extension to greece's budget targets. >> the plan and, as it now stands, includes a funding gap that needs to be plugged. as they did not need to plug the gap, we would not need to have the meeting. i hope we would have a proposal that suits ever won by the end of this evening. then we will presented to the national parliaments. >> the greek finance minister says he hopes to have a plan to present as early as wednesday but it will only be possible if the talks this evening or
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successful. "the church of england has held a historic vote on whether to allow women to be ordained as bishops. the vote by the churches governing body was a close one. the measure had to be approved by a two-thirds vote in three separate assemblies and it fell just short in one of them. >> for some analysis on that now, we're joined by our religious affairs correspondent. they you for joining us here in studio, john. who was defeated and why? >> it was a very close call in the house of the laity. there are three chambers, and it was erotically the velleity that defeated it. anglican churches had women priests for 20 years and the hopes were that in 20 years that people would get used to the idea of women priests. traditionalists have become
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more entrenched. those who want to the female bishops, so the good for the resolution of the compromise and installed. >> what effect will this have? >> unfortunately, it means the agonizing debate for the last 10 years is going to continue. it's one of the have a very detrimental effect on the anglican church and it could lead to quite a lot of people leaving the church. it could mean that there is already situation with eight anglican bishops leaving and up to 100 clergy. that might continue. it will certainly have a detrimental effect on the unity of the church of england. >> in just a moment, we will look at an hour -- an aircraft solid operation in siberia. >> but first, some other stories making headlines. france has officially ended the
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combat mission in afghanistan as part of an accelerated withdrawal from the country. they will keep some of 1500 troops in non-combat roles hoping to train and support afghan forces. but the public sector workers throughout argentina have held a 24-hour strike to protest against taxes. bake closed public transport offices and it affected grain exports. is the first strike since the president to strike five years -- took office five years ago. >> the former prime minister of croatia has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption. he was convicted of taking millions in bribes from two foreign companies including a and gary and energy group. >> and here is the former soviet union's once formidable air fleet and what remains when a
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pilot recently discovered a decommissioned plant on an airfield in siberia and it was about to be scrapped. >> at the restored it twin- engine is one of a few of the types still capable of flight and the new owner has big plans. >> prepare a for takeoff. 1950's style. turning the propeller by hand to ensure the distribution of engine oil. in the cockpit, the throttle controls are checked and then ready to go. the old twin vote engine and could actually take to the air now, but this is a dry run. >> did you hear that engine sputtering? in these temperatures coming any
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day hereunder the engine to warm them up. >> this plan is 53 years old and still probably bears the soviet union subscriptions. it originated in saxony. today, the crew is a group of retired pilots from st. petersburg. they have all had a long love affair with flying and with this plane. >> i saved her and i fulfilled my own dream. now we are doing her up again and we want to take her to her native and resident. i believe that is a dream that will come true. >> you cannot fly far, so they're looking out for sponsors. the plan needs a few more repairs before a major flight and they're determined to make it to dresden and then across europe. after wall, where else does this
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plan along with in the sky? >> that is it for now. just to recap the top story of the evening -- is really on hamas are about to make a ceasefire. we will bring you more on that later on in the show. >> don't forget the big chevy and ship tonight in the champions league -- valencia vs bayern munich. >> these and more on our website --
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